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Vinnie, a low-level mafia goon, struggles to finish a "hit" in the remote desert due to a series of pestering phone calls from his tech-challenged mother.

A slime-ball mortician and his timid new assistant scramble to distract a repugnant small-town family after their loved one's corpse turns into a zombie and wanders off minutes before the funeral.

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We transformed the bathroom in our small southern Illinois home into a punk-house bathroom for this music video shoot for our good friends, Walloper.

Filmmaker Charlie Queen takes his childhood friend, Wyrm, an ex-convict living-off-the-grid, on a road-trip to get his record expunged and vote in the 2020 election. This is the journey of Citizen Wyrm.


Our good friend Max launched R2R Community Records during the pandemic in 2021. We wanted to help him complete his funding goal and get the label off the ground, so we shot this Patreon advertisement. R2R is still amplifying artist voices in Southern Illinois.

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